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What is SQL?

The Structured Query Language (SQL) is a language that enables you to create and operate on relational databases, which are sets of related information stored in tables.


The database world is becoming increasingly integrated, and this has led to a clamor for a standard language that can be used to operate in many different kinds of a computer environment. The SQLhas proved to be a standard language as it allows users to learn one set of commands and use it to create, retrieve, alter, and transfer information regardless of whether they are working on a PC, a workstation, a mini, or a mainframe.

There are numerous versions of SQL. The original version was developed by IBM’s SanJoseResearchLaboratory (now the AlmadenResearchCenter). This language, originally called Sequel, was implemented as a part of the System R project in the early 1970s. The Sequel language has evolved since then, and its name has changed to SQL. The latest ISO standard of SQL was released in 2008 and named as SQL:2008.

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SQL is a language-oriented specifically around relational databases. The SQL commands can operate on entire groups of tables as single objects and can treat any quantity of information extracted or derived from them as a single unit as well.

SQL actually consists of three sub-languages :

  1. DDL – Data Definition Language.
  2. DML – Data Manipulation System.
  3. DCL – Data Contro Language.

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Various SQL Commands and Functions :

  4. WHERE
  5. IN
  6. NOT IN
  8. LIKE
  11. COUNT ()
  12. SUM ()
  13. MAX ()
  14. MIN ()
  15. AVG ()
  16. GROUP BY
  17. HAVING
  20. UPDATE
  21. IS NULL
  22. DELETE


NOTE – SQL is not a case-sensitive language so it completely depends on you to either write in upper case letters or lower case letters.

Q. How to use SQL in Android / IOS devices 

You can use SQL in your Android and IOS devices also. There is an app called PROGRAMMING HUB which helps you to write SQL commands in it. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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In this article, I described the SQL (Structured Query Language) in brief and if you want to study SQL in detail then you should often follow the video tutorials through youtube.
Also, If you have any doubts in your mind related to this article then please drop them in the comment section below and we will surely get back to you.
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    1. you want to study SQL in detail then you should often follow the video tutorials through youtube. If You Want To Learn SQL I Will Upload More About SQL .Thanx For VIsit My BLog

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