Typhoon Noruda (2015) Full Movie Hindi Dub

MyAnimeList – 8.2/10

IMDb – 7.4/10

Animes75 – 7.9/10


Genre – Drama / Fantasy / School

Typhoon Noruda is a Animated story That Bring You New World. See The Movie Dubbed In hindi. Indian World New Movie. Typhoon Noruda is Fabulous Movie Watch Now

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    1. Story
      The story seems interesting enough for a movie. Sadly, it was poorly executed. You get way too little information, you have no real idea what moves the characters and the ending fails to satisfy. It certainly left a bad aftertaste.
      Ironically, though, it didn’t fail to get the point across. You get what it’s about and how it’s resolved. If it would have had more time, this could have been so much better.

      This is, for sure, the best this anime has to offer. The backgrounds are nicely drawn, have a great amount of detail and are just pleasing to look at. The characters lack detail – I’d even say the clothing looks kinda odd at times – which adds a certain contrast instead of looking bad. We’ve seen this style before, though, so it’s not like it’s anything surprisingly new and refreshing. However, if you came for the art, this won’t disappoint you.

      I’m torn here. The music was nice, the voice acting, however, wasn’t. The characters spoke way too dull and didn’t get their feelings across at all. This could have been done a lot better. Sadly, this only adds to the way the characters came across.

      Dull. As I said, the voice acting supported this. The characters didn’t have much of a personality – granted, it’s hard to add that in the short duration this anime had – they just seemed horribly flat and mediocre. Especially Noruda lacks a lot of substance, in my opinion.

      I didn’t hate it. I got what it’s about, I got what’s going on and it was nice to look at. Especially some scenes at the end were nicely executed.
      However, it wasn’t great either. It just failed in a lot of ways and never got the level it could have been. I’m sure that, if this was 90 minutes or more, it would have been so much better.

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