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Since I’ve seen a plethora of scores of 10 for this show, I thought I’d write what I feel is a more realistic review for this show. Sword Art Online is more or less the equivalent of a fanfiction in it’s writing and quality. Whether people want to overlook it or not is up to the individual, but I believe it fails at the fundamentals for writing a good story. This review will go into details as to my opinions on why I feel this way. 

Story – Sword Art Online

This is first major problem is the show. Let’s start from the beginning shall we. The first arc consists of 14 episodes. The first 2 episodes are honestly pretty good and set up the plot of the show that should follow.

You’re introduced to the main characters and it shows mmo style of play. I mean with 2 episodes that are amazing, surely what follows will be more of the adventures of the main characters and these mmo boss fights…right? Wrong.

What follows are 5 completely irrelevant side character episodes and unnecessary terrible time skips that ruin any sense of a story the first 2 episodes set up. So due to some illogical reason, we’re now down to 7 episodes to tell the rest of this story. Still doable right? RIGHT? Wrong again. The series wastes another 2 1/2 episodes on pointless filler garbage.

So there you have it over half of first part of the story has nothing to do with the overall plot. Well what about the other episodes you ask? The remaining “plot” episodes are filled with deus ex machina in its purest form. Even the finale of the first season makes absolutely no sense.

This isn’t a fantasy world, it’s a freaking video game, you can’t have miracles here. So that concludes my issues with season 1, which the majority of SAO fans consider to be the best part….Yeh you heard me, the 2nd part is even worse.

Without going into spoilers, the 2nd part of the series takes place in a different setting, with a mostly new cast aside from our main hero. This part of the series probably deserves the award for most unnecessary story in the history of anime. This arc is pretty much a mario game.

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Our hero must save the princess in the castle. Not really much to say about it. Oh yeh deus ex machina finale here too…oh and there’s an incest subplot…for some reason. This concludes the plot section. I think I’m being pretty generous with a 4 here. 

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