Do not Toothpaste Improve Your Teeth

did anyone tell you how much toothpaste should be taken?

It is hardly said …

But according to a study in the US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the toothpaste should be applied to the brushes of children from three to six years.

Lots of toothpaste damage can damage the child’s teeth.

According to the study released on Friday, “nearly forty percent of parents give more toothpaste than their fixed quantity to their children. At the age of children coming out of teeth, children should give less toothpaste because the use of toothpaste is in excess They may complain of dental fluosis. “

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This study was done on nearly 1700 children.

According to the American Dental Association website, the main reason is that toothpaste contains fluoride, which usually protect teeth from bacteria. But its excessive amount depreciates the upper layer of the tooth. Recommendations for less use of toothpaste for small children are also given as the water besides toothpaste is also a source of fluoride. In such cases, it also affects teeth.

What does the effect?

According to the study, the effect of fluorosis is on the teeth of children whose teeth are coming. It does not affect dental health altogether, but if the amount of fluoride is not controlled, teeth can be colored. A large amount of this element can also affect the appearance of teeth.

It is important to know what is found in toothpaste?

According to the information printed on the website of the Indian Dental Association (IDA), toothpaste does not work to clean teeth, but it is also important to preserve teeth.

According to the website, before purchasing any toothpaste, please check the association’s recognition on it before buying. Typically the toothpaste contains five elements.

Calcium phosphates and sodium metaphosphate

– glycerol or sorbitol

– detergent

– Flavor and color agent

– fluoride

Dr. Swati, a Predontist of Delhi, also supports this study. She says, “If possible, fluoride free toothpaste can be used for children, because many times children also go toothpaste and florides in toothpaste can harm them.”

She says, “When choosing toothpaste, keep the attention of the quality of your teeth important. The quality of the teeth and the sensitivity is different, so take the toothpaste accordingly.”

But tooth brush with toothpaste is also important to take care of?

According to IDA, the history of toothbrushes is 3500-3000 BC. In 1600 BC, the Chinese developed chewing sticks and after this, in the 15th century, the Chinese created brushes with brass hair from pig neck. Brushes were made in Europe but from horse hair.

After this, the format of toothbrush gradually changed and today there are many options available in the market.

Now the electric brush has arrived. But if Dr. Swati believes that the toothpaste is to be selected, the more important is that we choose our brush carefully.

She says, “While choosing a brush, always keep in mind that brussels are soft and brush handles have a good grip, do not rubbish the teeth on the teeth, turn them with light hands. Rubbing excessively is the effect on the upper layer of the teeth. . “

But how often do the brush?

Many people feel that the more they brush their teeth will be as strong but there is little contradiction in it. Brushing too much can damage the teeth. Although the dentists also advise brushing twice a day, and they also say that whenever you eat something then clean the mouth

with water so that no food particle is trapped.

Dr. Swati says, “It is necessary to brush two times, only after the first tooth should start clearing the teeth.” Usually in six months the first tooth comes but it is not possible to brush If there were any soft cloth fabric, the teeth should be cleaned. “

But even though most of the people have some problem related to the tooth, in this way, you can keep the teeth healthier by following these three sources on the IDA website …

-One daily self-examination of mouth and teeth

-Stay regular with the dentist

– Take care of cleanliness and nutrition

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